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About Oasis Ensemble

Oasis Ensemble evolved as a Flute and Cello Duo and currently collaborates as a collective including additional instrumentalists. Our vision is to reach a large number of people with diversified musical backgrounds and tastes, playing in a variety of formal and casual venues, including ones that don’t necessarily have access to a piano.


The gorgeous sonorities of the Flute and Cello as a Duo offer a wide range of colors, dynamics and articulation. Together, these instruments encompass a 5-octave span, and offer subtle and distinctive nuances. Nevertheless, currently there are surprisingly few successful pieces that have emerged from the standard literature. Our goal is to change that!


Oasis Ensemble believes that, together, the Flute and Cello can potentially offer a huge palate of emotional expression that is yet to be explored. Therefore, Oasis Ensemble is committed to embrace this challenge by performing the best of the repertoire currently available, and to encourage new compositions, both for Duo and for works that include additional instrumentalists and/or singers.


Through our performances and outreach, our goal is to bring new musical life to the community and bring joy and light to people of all walks of life.

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